5 questions to ask before redesigning your website

I am going to offer a few things that might not be so obvious, when planning the redesign of your company website. A website redesign should be a process of self-discovery. I liken it to developing a business plan. It examines all parts of your business and requires some serious thinking about what you provide and where you are going. So, if you haven’t considered these 5 questions, you should.

1. What am I currently doing right on my site?

Start by identifying the most successful feature of your current website. Your analytics will allow you to see what section draws people in and has the longest visit duration. This is likely the most important function of your site. Look to build on that success and enhance this page or section.

2. What do my customers actually want?

People’s expectations change over time, especially in the digital space. So what you think customers might want could be very wrong. Start by asking some questions of your customers. It can be done through an online survey or just a phone call to some of your most frequent customers. One of my favorite questions to ask is “what does our industry usually do get wrong?”. If asked in the right way, the insight can be incredibly useful and guide a direction for your new site. Don’t be afraid to hear some negative feedback, either. It can be the most insightful. Look for consistency among the answers, and double down on what you’re doing right.

3. Who is the best person to manage my website?

Agencies can be very capable, but they need to act as a partner. Most businesses need an internal person with strategic and technical knowledge to guide the process. I’ve found that relying on your CEO or marketing director, who is busy and has other responsibilities, can be a mistake. So find a person who can dedicate most of their time and  act as a digital lead to manage your website and other digital campaigns.

4. What will my business look like in 5 years?

The average site is redesigned every 3 years or so. But if done right and is maintained over it’s life, it can last longer. So think hard and decide what you need in the short term and start there. Have a solid platform on which to build on. You want to avoid biting off too much at the outset. Then create a wishlist of things you want to attack over the first few years. This will keep your site fresh and constantly improving. And ask your web team about A/B testing and try some different approaches to problems and see what works.

5. How can I be perceived as a leader in my industry

This is important for credibility with your audience. So the first thing you should do when beginning a website it start writing blog posts, immediately! Even before you write your website copy. Think about insights into your industry that are not time-sensitive and write about those. It gives you have a stream of content to roll out over the first few months after launch. And you can mix them with curated and time relevant posts, and you are ahead of the game. It will help your SEO and give you momentum to build upon.